Love can over-come hatred one day or the other but it will take its own sweet time. ‘Soteli’ is a story about a boy Meekal who lost his mother at a very young age and his father Waleed married the second time with Fariya. Waleed thought that bringing a mother in Meekal’s life would be better for him but it was the other way round. Fariya acted like a typical step-mother and tortured Meekal to the core she would scold and hit Meekal for no good reason but eventually karma returned to her.

Waleed came across Fariya’s doings and he was planning to divorce her but then the new born Mishal held them together. The new born had spread love and affection all over the house yet Fariya didn’t mellow down with Meekal. All this behavior of her step-mother made Meekal get distant from the family and he shifted to a boarding school. 15 years later the family reunites where their problems become different, such as love, marriage and emotions is what the youngsters were thinking about.

Mishal wants to marry Ali while Fariya was not letting it happen, in all this fight and chaos Fariya got diagnosed with a tumor. Regardless of Fariya’s bad behavior with Meekal he still stood with his step-mother the entire time. He took care of Fariya in every way possible and this melted Fariya’s stoned heart. She wasn’t aware of her sickness but when the doctor told her about her report and how Meekal took care of her this made Fariya hug Meekal.

All the hatred went away and Fariya agreed to let her children get married to the person of their choice but yet Meekal had to face some troubles. Mishal and Ali were all set to get engaged but after Meekal’s wedding but Nyle wants to marry Emaan. Meekal and Emaan both like each other but Emaan’s parents are pressurizing her to marry Nyle. She confronted Meekal but due to his honest friendship he stepped back and let Nyle marry his love.

Emaan was very upset but then Nyle played a prank and made his best friend get married. He asked a girl to make a fake phone call by being his fake wife being in London so that he could naturally get out of the way. Meekal was so surprised to see his friend sacrifice for him and he would get all his wishes come true. ‘Soteli’ ends on a happy not and if you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.

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