We all just love the way Faisal Qureshi conduct his morning show that excites the audience and undoubtedly refresh our mornings with his new ideas and creativity to lighten up the morning with enthralled start. With his growing fame we are also in love with Aayat his daughter who appears on the show quite a couple of times adding colours to the show and making us go ‘Awwww’.

Captured some of the beautiful pictures of father daughter that one would fall in love with.

Celebrating Aayat’s Birthday in Morning Show


Cute little daddy’s girl 




Total Cutie 


Daddy’s Princess


She makes us totally fall in love with her chirpiness 🙂 


This little bundle of joy never leave her dad and follows him even at his work, She definitely makes other fellow artist couldn’t help but have some chit chat with her.  


This beautiful father daughter relationship is divine and the attachment of the bond surely goes beyond. Cute Aayat has already stole our hearts. 🙂




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