When we talk about drama, there are some essential factors, which comes in our mind to make it more successful. Viewers have a mindset that drama should build on outstanding plot and cast. I am highlighting those masterpieces for a flourishing drama here.

Drama Plot

Drama plot must highlight society issues. This could be pre and post marriages issues, jobs issues, raped cases, tragic situations etc. If the plot based on well quality, I think drama will eventually get a massive success.

OST of Drama

Soundtrack must be a part of drama because viewers want some kind of music on certain scenes for instance depressing scenes, glad scenes and idealistic scenes etc. I am not erroneous if I say that marvelous OST is strength of the drama. Viewers makes a perception of a drama by just watching the OST. Briefly, OST plays a vital role in the success of any drama.

High Quality Script

Second element of super hit drama is well written script. Eventually drama is based on script so, if the script is written in high quality, strong, close to reality, powerful then a drama will automatically get an enormous success.

Cast Members

Cast selection must be done effectively and productively because  cast members are the true  assets of the drama. Most popular and well known cast members ought to be a part of drama because they know how to deliver a dialogue, emotions and how to use body language.

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