Haq Meher

Haq Meher

Marriage is an important phase in one’s life and no one can run away from it and when you love someone it is really difficult to stay away from that person. ‘Haq Meher’ is a story about two lovers who are deeply in love with each other but due to both the families the lovers are not allowed to meet. Love can make anyone lose their mind and get out of control and the same happened with these two young lovers. They started to lie to their parents and meet each other without letting anyone know about it and this lead to physical interaction between the two.

It is a fact that before marriage when one gets physical with the lover it makes the couple lose interest in one another and this couple experienced it.  The two started fighting and they lost respect for each other, and this affected the respect that the youngsters had for their in-laws. Sultana is creating grudges against both the families and this is creating a lot of hassle. Tahira who is Shariq’s mother had an argument on the topic that was made up by Sultana and this lead to Tahira being admitted in the hospital.

Shariq was very upset and because of that he fought with Hira including her father as well and due to this the father broke Hira’s cell phone and laptop so that she is not in contact with the misbehaving son-in-law. Hira is very upset and is not doing anything except thinking about Shariq and his ruthless behavior but yet love is blind and she is waiting for Shariq to contact back. Sultana sent her daughter to keep an eye on Hira and she is not at all comfortable about it. The haq meher issue is never ending and both the families on and off discuss over this matter.

Watch ‘Haq Meher’ every Friday at 7:00 pm only on ARY Digital if you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.

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