Desi Kuriyan is the reality show powered by Q mobile. Waqar Zaka is the pioneer of the reality show. The show is comprised of 11 courageous girls. Laila, Aaliya Ali,Konain,Alina,Hira pervaiz,Sameera Rao,Kainat,Qandeel,Amna,Zobia,Esha are part of Desi Kuryian Season 5.

The show has started on a good note. Lets have a look at the entire show.

First Challenge:

Wakar had asked the contestants to create a team of 2 members of their own preference.While watching the show I was dam sure that Wakar will definitely pop in the breaking news and so he does. Wakar had told all contestants that their first challenge is based on consumption a glass of milk . Then he incorporated his breaking news. Well the breaking news is, contestants have to find out the key from the husk and unlock it to consume a glass of milk. Remember this task was assigned on an individual basis. Although the task was not so difficult, but finding keys from husk was difficult indeed. Luckily, one contestant Sameera Rao was enough lucky to find the key. Rest of other girls were criticizing on her. But I must say it was her luck. As per Wakar, she (Sameera Rao) is saved and the rest of the other girls have to work hard in order to get themselves saved in the next rounds.

Second Challenge:

Wakar had made a team of two groups, of five members each. He gives privilege to the contestants that they are free to make a group of their own choice. Their task was Tug of War. The team of Konain,Amna,Lalah,Qandeel and Zobia wins.

Third challenge:

Now 6 contestants are saved from danger. The 3rd challenge was among 5 contestants. The task was trouble-free . They have to collect husk from one side and drop it on the other side. Time period allocated for this task was 60 seconds. The contestant collects more husk will be on saving side.

Hira Pervaiz collects (12 Kg), Alina (19 Kg),Kainait (10 Kg), Eyesha Noor (15 Kg), Aaliya (17.5Kg)

As per the results Aaliya and Alina are on the safe side.

Now we have 3 contestants Kainat,Hira and Eyesha left. They are in trouble. But here is a breaking news. On the request of all conqueror girls Wakar is not going to eliminate Kainat,Alina and Aaliya. Yes, he is giving them another chance to take destiny in their hands.

So this was the entire show of Desi Kuryain season 5. I hope you all like this reality show.

Thrill, enthusiasm and excitement are still left. Wakar made 2 teams, of 4 members each, for the purpose of cleanliness the courtyard and preparing a breakfast. The third team consists of 3 members for feeding livestock.

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