Desi Kuriyan Season 6


After successfully producing and presenting Desi Kuriyan for 5 Seasons, ARY Digital now proudly presents, Desi Kuriyan 6 but this time it will be bigger and better.

This season the arena of competition will be set with tough and challenging household tasks without any comforts of their urban living style of cities. Their abilities would be tested to the fullest to manage and complete tasks that would be unfolded in every episode by Waqar Zaka (Host) as following:

Daily Household Chores Tasks:
Grinding Wheat Grains in Chaki
Collecting Water from Tubewell
Baking Roti in Mud Tandoor and etc…

Nine girls will compete with each other for the Title of Desi Kuri (Queen), the runners-up will be eliminated One by One.

All judgments would be made by the village elders, and their decisions would be undisputable.

Host: RJ Waqar Zaka Fearless and Flamboyant


  • Fiza Batool Fashion Model
  • Rida Ali Fashion Model
  • Ansa Arshad Fashion Model
  • Arooj Ali Kazmi Actress & Fashion Model
  • Mona Shamsi Contestant Actress & Fashion Model
  • Myra Baloch Fashion Model
  • Nimra Butt Fashion Model
  • Zaima Tasleem Fashion Model

Wild Card Entry

Mathira – Actress, Singer & Fashion Model

Directed by:Asif Khan and Khurram Fareed

This drama is over but you can watch all theĀ episodes

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