‘Daraar’, is an interesting story of a family that was once happy but the newly wedded bride is going to ruin them in one way or the other. Ayela gets married to Sohaib but before the wedding her mother manipulates Ayela that she should make strong hold among the in-laws so that she can easily control them and everything would work according to Ayela’s will.

The next morning after the wedding Ayela’s mother, sister and brother visited Ayela with breakfast. Ayela is very uncomfortable of the fact that she is not rich and asks her family to get more stuff in breakfast to not make it seem poor. At the wedding night Sohaib gift’s Ayela a diamond set that Ayela wears and visits her mother’s place. In all this chaos and adjusting in the new family she forgets the neck piece at her mother’s place.

When Ayela and Sohaib leave for honeymoon Atif gets arrested due to some trouble in the company that he works for. The policemen asked for 2 lacs in order to release Atif, Aqsa called Ayela for help and she said to give the diamond necklace as a deposit to pay off the policemen. Ayela wants Aqsa to marry Tabish but he likes Yusra and finally Tabish confesses it in front of Ainnie. Tabish has become frustrated and decides to quit his job, Yusra is trying to stop him but he is happier to join Sohaib’s family business.

Ainnie is kind of in love with Yusra’s brother but she is not sure about her feelings. Whereas a goon is worrying Ainnie outside the college and this is making Ainnie and her friend uncomfortable.

Ayela is hiding the truth from her husband, and entangling him with confusion in her web of lies. If you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.

Do you think this relationship will go on?

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