Dusri Biwi

Dusri Biwi

Love is not in one’s hand and no one can control it if the feelings are pure. True feelings are unconditional and one can become selfless in it. ‘Dusri Biwi’ is a story about a girl Farah who falls in love with Hasan who is already married and has a daughter as well. Hasan and Farah work in the same office and unconsciously Farah fell in love with her boss Hasan.

Hasan has always been sweet to her and this nature of his attracted her towards him. He was always supportive on every topic whether it was Aamir’s relation or her family issues. Hasan loves his wife and daughter also, but seeing a woman in pain is not what Hasan is comfortable about. He would try his best to solve Farah’s issue and in all this Farah refused to marry Aamir.

This decision of Farah upset her father a lot and this lead to his health issues. Hasan came over to talk to him and seeing her dad committing suicide and due to anxiety he said yes for the Nikkah with Farah. He goes back home and lies to his wife saying that he has to go out with his school friends and he will be out the whole night. His wife having trust on him said okay and the Nikkah took place, in all this Hasan first wife faints.

While rushing to the doctor he gets to know that she is pregnant and he need to take extra care of her due to her blood pressure issues. Hasan is stuck between two situations and doesn’t know what to do. Watch ‘Dusri Biwi’ every Monday at 8:00 pm only on ARY Digital to see what will happen next, if you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.

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