Compromise is the second name for wedding and generally people don’t understand this, they think that wedding is an easy game and everyone can survive in it. But actually it is not, ‘Daraar’ is a story about a family who was once happy but the new addition in their life ruined everything. Aalia who is the wife of the eldest son Sohaib, is the culprit. Since the day she got married she has been plotting against the family and she landed to the point that she made Sohaib’s younger sister Ainnie to marry Aalia’s useless brother Atif.

Ainnie is an innocent girl from a rich family who has never experienced poverty in her life and it is very difficult for her to adjust in that environment. Atif’s mother and sister have been rude with Ainnie and are not leaving any room for Ainnie to adjust in the new difficult environment. On the other hand Atif is also being rude and Ainnie over heard the conversation of Aalia and Atif on the phone where Atif confessed that he doesn’t like Ainnie.

Atif’s mother wanted a rick daughter-in-law so Aalia fulfilled her wish by manipulating Sohaib and lying about Atif’s fake loving feeling in front of Ainnie. Aalia made Sohaib and Ainnie against their own brother, Tabish and his wife Yusra. Aalia would create fake fights between them so that Sohaib would get angry and eventually he told Tabish and his wife to leave the house.

Aalia is succeeding in breaking this family and she ruined Ainnie’s life as well. It is assumed that Atif maybe likes someone else but its not confirmed as yet so watch ‘Daraar’ every Wednesday at 9:00 pm only on ARY Digital to see what will happen next. If you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.

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