The worst thing for a woman is if her in laws don’t seem to understand her one bit and began getting on her last nerves, that’s exactly the situation of Lali. Being forced into every other thing and neglecting tiny things that would make her happy has now become a regime.

The news of Hina’s marriage with Mohib was the oddest thing, Hina is already engaged to be married, but Lali’s in laws being unaware of it are forcing Lali to make this work. Why is it that she’s being strained into everything? So Tanya and Talal can tie the knot?

The thought of making her in laws mad at her really upsets Lali, hence she’s kept shush, but how could that have made things any better? Her in laws are certain that Mohib and Hina will get married as Mohib is supposedly ‘perfect.’

On the other hand, Roashaane and Talal’s pair is something that the entire family wants, little do they know the planning of Talal and Taniya’s marriage is the most talked about topic at Lali’s house. They intend the entire wedding should take place in matter of days!

Furthermore, Lali and her in laws were all set to to take the proposal for Hina, that was about time when Lali told them that Hina is taken. She brought all of the hassle upon herself. The results of this were horrible, and now Lali faced the music. It all is her fault that she never took a stand and revealed the truth to her in laws.

Moreover, Roshaane suffered through the tragedy of her father having an heart attack. Talal instantly reaching there gives a positive vibe, he sure has a big place for Roshaane in his heart! Will the two end up together? What will happen to Lali after all that has happened? Will her relationship hit rockbottom?

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