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chup raho ARY Digital drama

Dramas on small screens are an intricate part of daily life for layperson, specifically in South Asian nations where small screens are dominated by dramas. The focal point of  The ARY Digital drama ‘Chup Raho’ was to openly bring to discussion the issue of “Sexual Abuse” and the consequences of maintaining silence against such a social evil.

Stories like this easily reach out to rural people and enlighten youth. Story line very well depicted the message of karma, “What goes around, comes around. What goes up, must come down.” You really love to hate Numair, his psychopath and perv personality and feel surging anger against blind wife like Manal. Rameen shows a strong moral character of woman and her faith in ALLAH.

Aazar, however being shown as a dedicated lover in beginning surfaces as an obtuse man of weak vein. The most rational character found in this story is Shiraz, a man crushed by his wife’s death who maintains a purity of character towards Rameen and womankind in general. Dadi and the three little girls are a medium to bring smiles on audiences’ face.

Collectively, dialogue delivery by all the actors is amazing. My favorite dialogue is from Rameen. Some of them are, “If I accept a mistake means I do not believe in justice from God. Why should I accept a mistake if I didn’t do anything wrong.” “Abba kehte hein sach ka rasta mushqil hota hein, lekin akhir mein jeet sach ki hoti hein.” “Insan uski bardaasht karta hein, jiske liye uske dil me koi mohabbat ho, aur mere dil mein tumhare liye na hi koi muqaam hein na hi koi izzat.”


Keep on producing such dramas. Good luck!

Watch all the episodes of ‘Chup RahoHERE!!

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