Marriage is a girl’s biggest dream to be fulfilled. Finally the day had come when Anum tied knots with Dr.Junaid as his second wife, with a heavy heart Naheed bid farewell to her daughter.

On the other hand, Amber could not get over the trauma in front of Ahsan that her mother did not welcome her with open arms. But her conspiracies of teasing her in laws did not stop. She convinced Ahsan about sending Ubaid to special care. Not only this, her revenge game got stronger. She took revenge from Anila by giving her sugar free tea and low-calorie breakfast because when Amber was a 5 year chubby girl she made her diet at that time.Amber’s plan of getting the big room had finally gotten accomplished. The table had been turned, now it’s Amber’s turn to give hard time to Anila.


Iqra had joined as a teacher in a school to earn the bread and butter. As an eldest and the most sensible daughter Naheed was happy with Iqra’s decision.


With terrified thoughts, Anum entered Dr.Junaid’s house as his second wife but, the scenario was totally different than her thoughts. Junaid’s first wife was a kind hearted illiterate woman that miserably failed in winning her husband’s heart. Thinking about Junaid’stwo kids and her position as the second wife made her nostalgic which made her think that she would never be as cruel as her step mother was. This thought made her an idle step mother and the second wife. Observing Junaid’s obnoxious attitude for her first wife, Anum decided to took care of her, for that she gave her a makeover and made her cook fancy food like their husband will.


But Anum forgot that lightening love in Junaid’s heart for his first wife could endanger Anum’s relationship with him.

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