Main Bushra

Main Bushra

Every individual has a dream that they wish it comes true, but no one ever wishes for the bad dreams to happen. Sometimes the nightmares do come true unless someone is really unfortunate. ‘Main Busha’ is a story about a girl who has been disgraced by her own father and she did not experience much happiness in her life. At the very first episode of the drama we see that Bushra had a dream that on the wedding night her husband divorces her and it comes true.

Watching the first episode and the actual wedding day was completely same from the wardrobe to the dialogues and everything was identical. On asking the reason of Faraz’s behavior he said that he took revenge from his mother. Faraz loved Sara since ten years and unluckily she was the daughter of the man who left Faraz’s mother one month before their wedding. So on that the mother took revenge on Sara by refusing for the wedding one week before the big day and this result to Sara’s death.

The tradition of revenge carried on when Faraz divorces Bushra at the wedding night and Bushra deep inside is cursing her fate. Do you think this is fair with Bushra? Watch ‘Main Bushra’ every Thursday at 8:00 pm only on ARY Digital. If you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.

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