main bushra

main bushra

Getting divorced on your wedding night is not what anyone dreams for; Bushra became a victim of this incident and it wasn’t her fault. ‘Main Bushra’ is a story about a girl who was always disgraced in the society because of her being a girl. She also got divorced on her wedding night due to her so-called husband’s revenge with his mother.

Bushra has not seen happiness in her life, with a lot of thoughts she decided to get married to Shayan after the incident that took place with Faraz. Bushra’s family is not aware of all this and she is being a strong person by handling everything on her own. She doesn’t want her family to get a chance to blame her anymore.

The second marriage has been a secret between three people and because of this many complications are taking place. Saniya is deeply in love with Shayan and she is planning for her wedding while no one is telling the truth about Shayan wedding with Bushra. Everyone is participating in the occasion as it will actually take place, Shayan wants to speak the truth but situation is not letting him to. Saniya is having doubts on Shayan and she is trying her best to find out what’s going on.

In all this Faraz had an accident and Shayan got a call about it, he is critical. Fazeela’s husband Kashan also kept meeting Faraz in the USA and Fazeela shared a secret with her mom that we are not aware of as yet.

Watch ‘Main Bushra’ every Thursday at 8:00 pm only on ARY Digital to see what will happen next with Bushra. If you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.

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