Health is a gift from God and it is our responsibility to be grateful to God and to take its good care to refrain from other damages. The commonly diagnosed  and rapidly increased disease among-st women is Breast Cancer.  In rural areas the awareness of this disease is very less as no education and illiteracy has impacted the death rate immensely, however a few NGOs are doing the awareness’ programs and holding many conventions affiliated to the same.

Breast Cancer kills, 40,000 women in Pakistan every year . A latest report studied that among Asian population , Pakistani women had the highest risk of breast cancer . The most affected age of the disease is between 55 to 64 years of women. To prevent the disease and lowering the risk factors many doctors are producing new researches which may lessen the factors , however some factors are unstoppable and cannot be refrained.

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Different ways to prevent Breast Cancer:

Restricting from alcoholic drinks.

Quit Smoking.

Exercise regularly and may check up on your body weight regularly.

Be active physically .

Refrain from radiation and environmental pollution exposure.


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There are a few myths and facts that we hear about breast cancer in our every day routine.

  • The myth says that the disease mostly runs in the family , however only 5% to 10% cancers are hereditary.
  • The Myth says that wearing a Bra causes Breast Cancer, whereas underwire bras do not cause cancer and makes no difference with or without the female initials.
  • The Myth says that antiperspirants cause breast cancer , however there is no specific proof to second the claimer

Well, the disease can be fight off and we can name such inspirational personalities who fought this disease and has been the winner of the times throughout, such as American Singer – Sheryl Crow, a popular novelist Judy Blume , and Kylie Minougue an Australian Singer . The mentioned names were just a few to basically get the idea that the disease can be curable and today we have a hope of the redemption from such a shock .

I pray that this root of mess can be diminish rapidly and may new methods of  healing be introduced.  Lets join hands to find a cure and may receive the victory in this battlefield.

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