It was never expected that Hijab would make its limelight on ramp show , however Halima Aden a Somali-American has swept us off our feet as she stands out the fashion walk for Kanye West clothing line and recently stunned everyone at Max Mara’s Scandi show with Gigi Hadid. The Muslim model wears hijab while walking for the designers and won beauty pageant contest for Miss Minnesota ,USA in the same hijab.The Max Mara design are extracted from Swedish concept and the attire was displayed more of Scandi feel . Halima astounds the show by wearing the floor length coats , pencil flannel skirts and pointed heels . She also shot her first fashion magazine cover which is absolutely jaw dropping.
“I want to see this message spread,” she added. “As Muslims we just need more positive stories. Period.” Says Halima.

This is sheerly a big step for Halima to face the music , however her bold move to appear with the Hijab on ramp show definitely encourages the fellow Somali-an girls that anything can happen if one could believe.
Halima also states in her cover interview that many non-Muslim families has come up to her thanking to endorse the idea of covering yourself to be fashionable instead of promoting skin showing cloths where the fashion statement was on full stop.

Halima’s audacity has proven everyone wrong and she has showed what true fighter is, by accepting the challenge of the head covered agenda and being in a fashion industry simultaneously. This can absolutely jolt the judgmental souls as there is a strong responsibility under the hijab and adhered reputation .The modeling agency comes with élite fashion fraternity signed Halima for the runway shows and will be performing for Kanye West ‘s shows in upcoming season.

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She has signed her first modeling contract with IMG , and was shot by Mario Sorrenti stars in latest issue of CR Fashion Book . In one of her Instagram pictures she captioned” “I signed with the top modeling agency in the WORLD and still wore my hijab as my crown.” Halima is a true example of being true to yourself and put the fist in the air for breaking stereotypes who put barriers in someone’s social growth .

This beautiful girl can be sighted at Milan’s Fashion week , this is a sheer example of embracing culture and fashion simultaneously and thus breaking the norms by changing the power of thinking in a new way. Yeezy was Aden’s first catwalk reservation and it was an exquisite real dead at the ramp. In a very span of time this 19 year old has been embraced by the fashion industry with her peculiar attire and is absolutely a challenge to break the old norms by creating a new sense of style with grace.

Aden also states that it was way puzzling for her after she won the pageant to take off the Hijab but she wanted to be real and project herself who she is in real.

We hope Halima make it to the top for being really who she is. Three cheers to Halima Aden.

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