Salman Khan in Bigg Boss 8

Salman Khan in Bigg Boss 8

‘Bigg Boss 8’ is getting uglier day by day and most of the contestants in this season appear to be either inhumane or cowards. Top of the list are Karishma Tanna and Diandra Soares. Both these girls are called witches and unpleasant women of the house. The girls think that they are always right and they would do anything to win the show.

Let’s start with Karishma, I personally liked her when she entered the show but never expected her to be such a drama queen and attention seeker. She screams from the top of her lungs and that too for all wrong reasons. She admits that she is extremely self centered and selfish and then asks everybody that what’s wrong about it? And also dares other contestants plus audience that what can we do with her? I don’t know about the other coward and brainless contestants but we can surely throw you out as an audience Ms. Tanna. Her bubble needs to be popped that she is another Gauahar Khan. She thinks if Salman scolds her (as he used to do with Gauahar) then she’s definitely popular among audiences. She forgets easily that Salman was biased last season only because he had very cordial relationship with Tanisha Mukherjee and Armaan Kohli’s families.

 In fact we have heard that Ms. Mukherjee only came to the show on promise of becoming winner (which the channel couldn’t fulfill as Gauahar had around 25 lacs votes more than her hence a great margin which could not be ignored). I have not seen a girl contestant witchy-er than Ms. Tanna. She has easily broken the records of Dolly Bindra, Pooja Bedi and Tanisha Mukherjee. I wish someone tells her that she does not even have a SINGLE fan in the outside world.

Karishma in Bigg Boss 8

Diandra Soares is showing her true colors gradually. The way she manhandled Sonali Raut in the most recent task reveals that what a shameless personality she is. She literally physically abused her and then kept on smiling and joking about it throughout. She is extremely jealous of Sonali and that shows on her face. It looks like she would never let a girl come near Gautam. Ironically, all the girls in the house supported Diandra instead of supporting Sonali which was a big shame. When Karishma was verbally abused by Gautam, everyone was with her but when Diandra physical abused Sonali everyone sided with Diandra, clear double standards! And then they talk about women empowerment. Where did this empowerment go when it comes to Sonali?

Soni, the less we talk about this girl, the better it is, she has got a filthy mouth, always abusing. She has made Upen her brother and calls him YOU PAIN. Dear you look more uneducated and ganwaar than rest of the people. Gautam Gulati is undoubtedly hero of the house. Though he tries to play being a psycho and villain, but other contestants have made him a hero figure for sure by constantly cornering him.

My personal favorite this season is Pritam. A very straight forward man who says whatever he thinks is right and does not play games. I hope he emerges as one of the finalists. Talking of the heroes lets not forget the heroine and without any doubt, Sonali Raut is THE heroine of the house. She looked weird in the beginning but then she has proved that she is the only sane and well balanced girl. Kudos to her for bearing all the aggression and misbehavior from all the contest especially the female ones.

Gautam Gulati

This week’s most weird and talked about characters have been Arya Babbar and Minissha Lamba. Apparently Minissha started the so called fight by telling Deepshika that Arya contacted her before coming to Bigg Boss house for faking romance in the house to get attention and she refused because she has a boyfriend outside who would not approve this move. This statement did not go well with the PR manager of Arya and he created havoc outside that it was Minnisha who tried contacting Arya first. This issue was raised during weekend ka vaar by Salman Khan and Arya got out of control and said that Minnisha used to be his girl friend during the film they did together and now is falsely accusing him.

I would not comment really on who was wrong and who was right but what happened afterwards was really astonishing. Arya just lightly apologized and Minisha happened to forgive him very easily and in the next task she was completely normal and laughing and talking to Arya. Strange isn’t it? Either it was a pre-planned drama by both of them or Minnisha does not have much self respect. Last week, when Arya spoke badly about Sonali, Minnisha stood with her and supported her, also during last task she fought with Karishma for Sonali, then what happened this week suddenly and why did she side with Karishma and Diandra is incomprehensible.

Rehka in Bigg Boss 8

Puneet Issar is another strange character in the house. He is the real example of double dholki, always badmouthing people at their back. He does not have a clear stand ever. Rekha happened to attend weekend ka vaar with Salman. I just don’t understand why this lady doesn’t get over Amitabh Bachchan. Doesn’t she have any self respect? She happened to ignore Puneet Issar completely as long time back during shooting of the film ‘Coolie’, Puneet had inadvertently injured Amitabh. Rekha ji, Amitabh Bachchan and everyone else have forgotten about that incident a long time ago. What do you want to prove by keeping the grudge? That’s certainly not going to get you Mr. Bachchan back. Moreover, it’s about time that you act your age may be?

Upen Patel was a like-able character earlier but now he is literally proving to be a coward and almost brainless guy. Dude don’t you think you had to support Sonali against Diandra? You were almost getting romantic with Sonali after last week’s task, what happened suddenly? Deepshika got evicted last week. It was quite a surprise for everyone as she appeared to be a strong contestant. Sad part is that she was getting better day by day (attitude wise) but then she had to go.

Nine contestants are up for eviction this week. Whom do you think would or should leave? I am campaigning for #evictdiandra.

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