Review of Episode 2

In the last episode of Bhabhi , Sariam was not ready to tie in a knot with Sanam. Sariam’s mother was anxious for his refusal. In this installment, he agrees to marry Sanam as his elder brother Naeem explains him the cons of refusal.

Aakila is really worried  that what would be the reaction of Haisham  if she gives  birth to a baby girl. She was discussing this issue with her sister-in-law (Saba). Saba told her its not her problem if she give birth to a baby girl this time. Its responsibility of Hashim. Hashim had heard their conversation secretly.







Hashim had warned his younger brother Naeem regarding the meddling  of his wife in their personal issues. Naeem  took a  promise from Saba that next time you will not interfere in their private issues.

Aakila is terrified of her spouse spiteful behavior as he warned her that if you went in Saba’s room or even dare to talk her,  I will divorce you.


Naeem really loves his family and wants to do a lot for them.Saba is scared from Naeem’s reckless driving so she advised him to drive slowly. The Ending of the play was extremely tear-jerking. Naeem dies in road accident.

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