Shout Out to Desi Parents! Some of the pickup lines that all parents use:

Where are you heading beta? Sounds more like a cop!

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And most of the time if you say Hi to your old mates while hanging out with family , our parents be like..

Who Was he/ She?

And above all when we are asked to let our friends talk to the parents to ensure if the friend is okay to be friends with.. Urgghh.. so annoying

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When our siblings fight most of the time but the scolding and emotional dialogues appear from mother’s emotional pantras

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When you don’t help mom in the kitchen chores and then your world may crumble down by hearing those words.

“Such a kaam chor”

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But we all know that the stuff our parents say are word on a street , so hats to off to the parents out there for their unconditional love. Cheers!

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