Every culture entice its own uniqueness and its own perspective to view the beauty through its own prism. It may seem a ritual and custom of some tribes but they have a signature beauty form to portray their culture. So what we have search for beauty standards in different part of the world may amuse you to the extreme.


Long necked women of Myanmar  : different parts of Myanmar and Thailand who wear heavy brass rings to have a long neck . this odd practice makes women more attractive and is a symbol of riches.


Nose jobs in Iran:  The Iranian women will wear Hijab and will not take off their bandages instead they like to go under the knife and will call it a status symbol. Iran is a hub of plastic surgeries and so women like to spend on the most seen part of their body to improvise  their beauty tactics.


Shaved head with stretched earlobes  in Kenya:  African tribes lean more towards their customs and traditions and hence projects their beauty logics by wearing heavy jewelry and stretching their earlobes to look more attractive. This beauty style is embraced in Kenya and most part of Africa.


Maori community (New Zealand) imprint with tattoos: In New Zealand the community of Maori people adorn  themselves with the tattoos mostly on their chin and lips and are considered to be representing their tribe of beauty.



Avoid sun in Asian countries:  In Far East Asian countries women protect their skin from sun and use such products that are sun proof and cover themselves head to toe , it was their set of thinking that if you are tan you belong to a peasant and mediocre class of family. Korean women tend to spend more on sunscreen creams and whitening facials.


Full figures for Mauritania women:  Men would desire for heavier women, and a fat wife was a symbol of wealth and it bring happiness to the families who have heavy weight females. But this tradition is fading away with time goes by.


Heena for Indian Women:  A tradition to decorate hands with heena and wear bindi on forehead is a major beauty ritual in India. These women apply Heena on their hands and on feet to look more attractive.


Kalaashi Women unique accessories:  The Indo Aryan dardic indigenous people residing in Chitral , Pakistan meant to beautify themselves in numerous colorful beaded necklaces and exceptional peculiar head pieces  covered in cowry shells, beads, bells and other gems aswell.


African body scarification:  this tradition exists mostly in African tribal areas where people mark the girl’s maturity level from childhood to a mature person through the help of these body scarification. These scars/tattoos are also the symbol of status and wealthy woman.


Natural Beauty:  French men mostly lean towards a natural type of women , they opt more for no makeup woman then to choose a heavy makeup girl.



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