“Lock a girl in a room with nothing but a mirror and she will complaint no more”, well this is absolutely true **Giggles**, we all require a flawless skin and definitely a jaw dropping looks that creates a sense of satisfaction. Now a days we have so much of an awareness for skin care routine , the daily makeup tutorials and  ofcourse healthy diet that impacts our skin and contribute lots. There are times when girls get depressed with immense amount of acne and pimple or oily skin, apparently not everyone can relate to the everyday issues that girls are facing and seemingly all is fine but there are lots of things that needs to be taken care of.

The most repeated errors that every girl commits is going out without any skin protection that can bring major harm to the skin. These days there are plenty of BB creams available in the market so everything is easy and reachable. If your skin looks good than definitely the makeup would be much wearable and can have a dewy glowy effect.

Some of the tips mentioned below can be used to make your skin much healthy:

Drink lots of Detox Water

Wear night creams before you sleep

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Use handmade masks and may include turmeric powder that has an healing effect

“Here’s a Tuesday tip from me to your skin! Add turmeric to your at home masking routine. This golden ingredient has been a favorite in beauty and health rituals for centuries with good reason. Turmeric calms inflammation, clears and brightens skin and even has antiwrinkle benefits! ::Honey Turmeric mask:: 1 tsp turmeric powder 2 tbsp ground oats or rice flour 1 tbsp raw honey 2 tbsp plain yogurt 1 drop Young Living lemon essential oil Combine all ingredients in a bowl and apply thin layer to clean, damp face and neck for 20 mins. Rinse with warm washcloth and follow with appropriate serum or moisture. This is a very brightly colored mask but in a thin layer will not color your skin. Just be careful with clothes! #turmericmask #diybeauty #?iyskincare # #tuesdaytip”

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Protein Shakes can be used to help the body internally so that your skin may look more healthy

Morning sunlight won’t harm your skin as it contains vitamin D which is way necessary

Repeated facials are MUST, it will rejuvenate your blood circulation

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The aforementioned tips are skin essentials and to die for welcoming them in our daily routin, make them a habit and you will feel wonderful.

So,  Think Beautiful & Be Beautiful . Cheers!

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