Review   Episode 11

This episode was extremely touching. I was not expecting that Qazi Sheab has to face another bitter situation. He got paralyzed. He is dignified, an honest and gentleman.  Qazi Sheab’s office colleague’s wife has come to see him. She told Qazi Sheab’s wife that everyone is saying that your son-in-law (Naeem) is responsible for his  condition.

Baber’s mother asks him to go the hospital and helps them since there is no man in their house. Naeem and Sobia were unaware of Qazi sheab’s critical  condition. Baber was consoling Dania, in the mean time Naeem walks in and was aggravated to see them so close to each other. Dania who wants to get a release from Naeem and find excuses to break her relation did it efficiently. She throws engagement ring in the hospital.Naeem can bear everything but he can’t tolerate another man with Dania.  Naeem is nice and humble man, but Dania hurts him a lot due to her attitude. Both Baber and Dania are expert in humiliating their fiance.   

Baber considers  Sobia as a doormat. He keeps on humiliating her.

Maira wants to adopt a child, but Nabeel is not in favor of adopting a child. She finds her family incomplete without kids. She asked her maid to bring her grandson in the house so that she can spend some quality time with baby.

Dania parents had prematurely arranged her engagement as they wanted to save her future, but now her mother regrets about the  decision they made a couple of years back.

Do you think that Nabeel would adopt a baby?

1.   Yes

2.   No

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