ARY Films presents an upcoming flick AZAADI which is directed and written by Imran Malik, starring: Moammar Rana, Sonya Hussyn, Nadeem Baig and Javed Sheikh. The movie depicts the pure sentiments of the freedom and liberty for one nation i:e; Kashmir which is in an intrigued situation currently, the movie also shows the unity and emphasis on the liberty basically which leads to much difficulty.

No doubt , the upcoming flick will definitely get us off the guard and has put the viewer in shackles to watch the whole movie without further delay. ARY films has always put its best efforts and never stopped for creating such masterpieces every now and then.

Furthermore, Moammar Rana is playing the lead character in the movie, well after a break Moammar Rana is appearing in a major character and has contributed immensely in the movie industry along with one of the main character Sonya Hussyn has beautifully played the major role and shows the intensive side of her acting that has never been projected in usual drama serial and we will absolutely enjoy her this side of acting.

Nadeem Baig has performed a marvelous and tremendous role as Sonya’s Father who dreamt of a free Kashmir, and has kept pain inside his heart for the betterment of its nation, however the movie trailer shows his physical weakness , but his decisions and plans never grew old.

Well , this astounding movie awaits the high airs and countless views and is another tremendous contribution towards Pakistani Industry.

Have a look at the trailer and decide for yourselves!

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