MensXP is India’s largest men’s lifestyle platform. The website recently released a list of ‘world’s most beautiful women and  Ayeza Khan was the only woman to stand for Pakistan in the list with over 50 women from across the globe.

While everyone has their own idea and interpretation of beauty, there are some women in the world who are so out of this world that they demand some extra attention. To get a widespread list of such beauty ideals, a gamer admin from a very popular online community asked gamers from around the globe to name the most beautiful woman from their specific country.

He conducted the survey through a public chat during the busiest gaming hour for recommendations. The survey included mostly males (60% under 16 and 30% 35 or older). A lot of US, UK and Aus ones were suggested, but as we  all know those already, he decided to focus on the unusual ones.

While Tamannah Bhatia from India filled the 1st spot, our very own Ayeza Khan from Pakistan wasn’t far behind either. Ayeza Khan , the award winning actress of ‘PYAREY AFZAL‘ won the  27th position among a list of 50.


Congratulations Ayeza Khan!
Not that she needed a survey to validate her beauty, Pakistan knows she’s gorgeous!

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