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New drama serial Koi Nahi Apna has been written by Sana Fahad, directed by Badar Mehmood, produced by Fahad Mustafa  and Dr Ali Kazami. Sirwart Gillani as Alveera belongs to elite family. She is more concerned for true love. Fahad Mustafa as Hamza belongs to middle class family.He is success oriented and hardworking boy. Both of them fell in love with each other.They have completed  their graduation from same university. 


Alveera parents (Sajjid Hassan and Sabhat Bukhari) as (Shahnawaz and Rubeena) want to marry her with a family friend’s son Zaka. Zaka has completed his higher education form abroad and now working in multinational company. Alveera had told her mother that she is interested in someone else. Hamza loves her for who she is. He is not interested in her wealth. 


Hamza’s mother Ismait Zadi wants to marry her son with his cousin Faiza.  Hamza tells her mother straight forward that he is not interested in Faiza because he loves someone else. When Hamza’s mother comes to know that Alveera has  a strong financial background ,she cheerfully agrees with her son’s choice.

Alveera’s father Shahnawaz is arrogant type of person, whereas her mother Rubeena is the protective kind of mother. The party scene of Alveera’s graduation was nicely done. No doubt party arrangement was exceptional. When Alveera introduced Hamza to her father, the reaction of her father was egotistical. It was giving a reflection that he didn’t like him. 


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Is Hamza’s mother  is only interested in Alveera’s property ?

  1. Yes
  2. No

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