Its time to join hands against the face of terrorism as the nation is once again going through the toughest times of the terror glimpses. As united we can achieve everything and so are the Pakistani celebrities has initiated to fight against terrorism by peace and love strategy . The last attack on Sehwan Sharif was a jolt that hit everyone, the initiative is taken by Ali Gul Pir and Sounds of Kolachi where the live jam session be performed at Sehwan on 25th February 2017.

#Qalandar here we come! #PeaceJam

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There is no denying the fact that the death rate at the shrine attack was 85 people approx. and 300 people were injured, it made the whole nation perplexed and originated the grievances of the mass. In the continuation the artists have joined in together to perform and forward the idea of sorrow and rage simultaneously .
Ali Gul Pir the Pakistani rapper has a lot of affiliation with the town as his own village is located near to Sehwan Sharif and has heartily feelings for the town. The idea has genuinely reached its hype as the sufi/rock/alternative band Sounds of Kolachi will be playing all the sufi songs at the jam session. This beautiful way of expressing their hate towards terrorism and love towards the humanity and nation is cosmic and legit.

Ahsan Bari Band aka #soundofkolachi performing live at #lahooti live sessions in #jamshoro

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Lets be unafraid of this terror and built a wall of unity to ram the enmity and rapidly increased hate against our country , We need to break the ice and stand up against the hostility, not to forget Sheema Kirmani’s wonderful dance for the Sehwan attack was the expression of sorrow and protestation. Hopefully the collaboration of Ali Gul Pir and Sounds of Kolachi brings the immense support.

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