Arranged Marriage

Arranged Marriage

One can never get happiness by making another person sad. ‘Arranged Marriage’ is a story about Ahmed and Roshanay who tied a knot in an arranged marriage but Ahmed chased his love Meeral and karma came back. Ahmed mistreated his wife Roshanay forced her to do stuff that was false and incorrect and Ahmed got married for the second time with Meeral.

Roshanay was tortured all the time in her married life and Ahmed was not realizing it, he kept on degrading Roshanay but she kept compromising and tolerating as this is a part of the marriage. Meeral was expecting but yet she wasn’t the favorite daughter-in-law, Ahmed made Roshanay lie that she cannot conceive and this made Ahmed’s parents agree on the second marriage. Karma always comes back Meeral and Ahmed played this on Roshanay so Meeral had to face a miscarriage which leads her to the position where she cannot become a mother ever again.

After she would hear this news she got an attack and she is paralyzed but yet Roshanay keeping all her grudges aside took care of Meeral. Ahmed is guilty and asks for forgiveness from her but Roshanay being the kind hearten forgave him without any complications. Ahmed asks forgiveness from his mother as well and he tries to fix everything, his feelings for Roshanay starts o develop and eventually Roshanay gives birth to a baby girl.

Meeral is all paralyzed and has nothing left in her life, but Roshanay makes her feel better by telling her that this baby girl belongs to both of them. This made Meeral happy and the entire family leads a happy life. One must always remember that no one should take the disadvantage of anyone’s weakness, watch all the episodes of ‘Arranged Marriage’ here.

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