What goes around comes around, finally, the darkness of sorrows starts to vanish away from Naheed’s life. The table has turned, everything started getting Naheed and her daughters’ favour. 

Amber who stepped in her father’s house as Ahsan’s wife has finally succeeded in her mission of taking revenge from Saddiq and Anila. Being a victim of hatred since childhood, Amber made her mother in law feel the same misery as her mother had felt. Helplessly, Anila decided to move to Dubai and left her husband, who once had left Naheed for her.

Yet again, Ahsan expressed his love for Amber by celebrating her birthday at midnight. Amber took full advantage of her birthday and humiliated her father and showed him a cake with caption “Mubarak ho beti hui hai” written over it.

On the other hand, Amber’s bond with Dr. Junaid’s family started to grow stronger. Amber kept her mother’s advice in mind and turned out to be an opposite of Anila, who was cruel to her mother and her siblings when she got married to Sadiq.

Amber took out the courage to visit her mother again and told Naheed her main motive behind marrying to Ahsan. Heavy hearted Naheed advised Amber to love Ahsan with all her heart and soul. But truth can’t be hiden for long, as things were getting normal, Ahsan heard the confessions Amber made in front of her mother. Ahsan’s behaviour towards his wife changed totally.

Taking revenge made Amber blind that she forget about the people who loved her.

Is Amber’s mission accomplished or this puts Amber into more trouble? To know more watch the last episode of Mubarak ho beti hui hai

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