So what if 9th November isn’t a national holiday? We’ll still celebrate the great works and contributions of Allama Iqbal, the pride of Pakistan.

While the whole nation vents about going to work, complaining how we’d forget the importance of this day unless a holiday was given to celebrate it, here is how I choose to remember the great poet. Learning about Allama Iqbal’s message can help Pakistanis defeat the challenges they face more than sleeping late on a national holiday ever will.

3 times Allama Iqbal’s poetry can be used as an inspirational message for the Pakistani youth:

1. Shikwa and Jawab e Shikwa
Iqbal wrote the two poems, ‘Shikwa’ and ‘Jawab e Shikwa’ (Complaint to God and its Response), in the early twentieth century. This is such a beautiful piece that a million lessons can be taken from it alone. The complaint is a human, being a human, he doesn’t know what he’s saying and then there’s the reply which knocks some sense into this mortal, ignorant and unthankful creature. The human today has become more about hate, materialistic things and violence. The strongest lines come from ‘Jawab- e-Shikwa’ that question and doubt the Muslims of today.

‘Harm-e-Paak Bhi, Allah Bhi, Quran Bhi Aik,
Kuch Bari Baat Thi Hote Jo Musalmaan Bhi Aik!’
And one your Ka?ba, One your God, and one your great Quran;
Yet, still, divided each from each, Lives every Mussalman.

‘Firqa Bandi Hai Kahin, Aur Kahin Zaatain Hain
Kya Zamane Mein Panapne Ki Yehi Baatain Hain?’
You split yourselves in countless sects, In classes high and low;
Think you the world its gifts will still on such as you bestow?

These verses sure give one a reality check! Stop the hate, spread the love, it’s time to unite Pakistan! The Shia / Sunni drama must end, become so Muslim that you cannot differentiate!

2.Saqi Nama
The fundamental theme of the poem is Muslim Renaissance. Iqbal prays to The Almighty Allah to bestow Muslims with wisdom and awareness, which is exactly what the country needs right now!

‘Bujhi Ishq Ki Aag, Andhair Hai
Musalman Nahin, Raakh Ka Dhair Hai’
Gone out is the fire of love. O how sad!
The Muslim is a heap of ashes, nothing more.

A wake up call for the nation, do not let Islam die; do not let the west take over!

‘Khirad Ko Ghulami Se Azad Kar
Jawanon Ko Peeron Ka Ustad Kar’
Free young men’s minds from slavery,
And make them mentors of the old.

3. Aik Naujawan Ke Naam
Iqbal addresses the youth in this particular piece. He beautifully stresses on the fact that one should never despair, for that is the beginning of the end. Faith is our tool and key to success.

‘Na Ho Naumeed, Naumeedi Zawal-e-Ilm-o-Irfan Hai
Umeed-e-Mard-e-Momin Hai Khuda Ke Raazdanon Mein’
Despair not, for despair is the decline of knowledge and gnosis:
The Hope of a Believer is among the confidants of God.

‘Nahin Tera Nasheman Qasr-e-Sultani Ke Gunbad Par
Tu Shaheen Hai, Basera Kar Paharon Ki Chatanon Mein’
Thy abode is not on the dome of a royal palace;
You are an eagle and should live on the rocks of mountains

Live through the struggle Pakistan, have faith in Allah and all our troubles will end one day!

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