Oh yes! Our favorite Bad Boy of Fashion is back at PLBW 2015 and looks like he’s stronger than ever and more threatening this time!

Ali Xeeshan showcased his bridal collection ‘Toofan’ at the PLBW2015.

ali xeeshan
Toofan is a more advanced and mature version of Ali Xeeshan’s signature style. It’s louder, more powerful and it packs a greater punch. It travels from soft hues to more solid and bright colors and comes with a promise to suit a wider audience.

Toofan broke all previous records, and proved true to its name. A lot of detail and finesse could be seen in his work, with metal embellishments and ground breaking cuts. A completely different look has been achieved through this collection keeping intact the grandeur and bang that Ali Xeeshan is famous for.

Everything was picture perfect and the models looked like they had just walked out of a painting, Ali Xeeshan totally made art come to life.

We can always trust Ali Xeeshan to put up an entertaining show, be it statement making jewelry or the choice of showstoppers; he never fails to think out of the box! The drama that he creates, the fantasy world he takes the audience to is what one won’t find anywhere else!


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