Washma and Shaheer are a match made in heaven and the two can’t have enough of each other, when Shaheer meets Abeera  on his business trip she informs him that there is someone who will never let him be happy. She clearly points at Nishat.

On the other hand, Imdad is worried about all the investigations that Washma is doing at work and interfering in professional matters. The couple is certainly worried about how daring, bold and fearless Washma is. She sure will get to the bottom of countless problems and help her husband have a peace of mind.

The fact that Shaheer missed Washma to bits he surprises her and visits her at work, he however finds that Washma hired Faisal in finance and that bothers Shaheer a lot. The two argue and yet another problem just takes place. Areesha realizes that Washma isn’t so bad and finds out that her own sister is nothing but a cheat.

The cherry on top is the fact that Imdad resigns as he doesn’t want to face any complications in future and wants to create major problems between Shaeer and Washma. The question that rise is how will all of this affect Washma and Shaheer?

Will the two remain that adorable couple? How will Nishat’s true colors be revealed? What more does Aap Ke Liye has to offer? Find out in the next episode on Tuesday at 9.00 pm only on ARY Digital.





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