After finding out the truth about Nishat that Areesha told Shaheer, he still kicked Washma out. Washma was asked to leave the house based solely on the fake plotting that Nishat did against her, the sad part is that Shaheer believes his older sister and not his wife. Well, Washma is a brave girl and all of us expected her to react in a certain way that would shut Shaheer and Nishat up, however she breaks down and is shattered.

On the other hand Nishat and Imdad believe that Shaheer is onto them and probably knows all the embezzlement that Imdad has done. Nishat tells her husband that he should seek forgiveness if Shaheer actually is aware of all the flaws these two have.

Love of Shaheer for Washma is true but we still can’t seem to understand why he won’t react the way he should. Is there something that he’s not telling? The thing that really hurt Washma was Nishat insulted her brother. He knows that Washma was kicked out of the house by her in laws. For a brother it’s crucial that his baby sister stays happy.

Furthermore, a twist that caught our attention was the fact that Shaheer already knew about how cheating and deceiving that Imdad is! Guess we saw this coming didn’t we? Well, solely because of Nishat he kept his mouth shut and now wants her to do the same and respect this family. You reap what you sow and looks like Nishat’s karma is coming to bite her.

Nishat and Imdad argue about how Imdad should apologies to Shaheer to return in his business but he bluntly refuses to do so, as he has a self respect, the cherry on top is that Areesha overheard everything and even finds out about how Nishat plotted against Abeera too and made sure Shaheer divorced her.

Now that Shaheer knows everything will he react? How will Nishat respond to the current situation? Above all is Shaheer and Washma too will split? Can Areesha save her brother from all the mishap?

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