Life of Washma and Shaheer is just taking a new turn, the two are finally planning a trip to Europe! However, Shaheer’s sister is going above and beyond to split Washma and Shaheer. She makes up stories to give a reason to Shaheer to be super upset, telling him about how Omer’s family is making unreasonable demands and that’s just not justified.

Areesha belongs to a rich family and hence, she now needs a new house as her wedding gift but Omer refuses to do so. He bluntly tells her that he won’t leave his mother no matter what. On the other hand Shaheer is being tricked by Imdaad which is bothering Washma a lot, she wants to take care of Shaheer and protect him from all the evil.

Nishat creates misunderstandings between Shaheer and Omer, plus she also tells Washma to not dare go for a honeymoon with Shaheer. Nishat is just another evil sister of Shaheer who is making endless efforts for Shaheer and Washma get divorced!

The entire situation is making Washma realize that she can’t leave for a honeymoon with her husband as that will cause a lot of personal and professional problems. She decides not to go and stand against the plotting of Nishat. Who wouldn’t want to protect their loved ones?

Will Nishat accomplish in her plans? How will Washma protect Shaheer from the bombardment of troubles? Will Omer and Areesha get married or Nishat will be able to stop the wedding? Find out all the answers in the next episode of Aap Ke Liye only on ARY Digital on Tuesday’s at 9.00 PM.

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