If the award of the perfect crook had to go to someone it would be Imdaad and Nishat in Aap Ke Liye, the couple goes beyond their evil plots solely to trick Shaheer. Well, now Areesha has finally witnessed the true colors oh her ‘Aapa’ and is afraid to inform Shaheer as she is aware he would never believe her. He deserves to know the truth about his evil sister.

On the other hand Washma and Shaheer are arguing over the fact that why was a question raised on Imdaad at work! Nishat is super happy about it as she’s on the verge of breaking them up. Though Washma and Faisal are on to Imdaad.

The cherry on top is when Imdaad and Nishat are full-fledged prepared to make Washma come off as an ‘indecent girl.’ Their trick worked! They both make Washam look like that she has cheated on Shaheer with Faisal and he refuses to hear her out – demanding her to leave his house. The sad part is that Shaheer never believes what Washma says and only sides his sister and brother in law.

So another twist that entirely shook us was when Shaheer accepts Imdaads resignation and he’s officially out of this business. Wow, some move huh? Moreover, we believe that Shaheer was already aware of the embezzlement that Imdaad caused his business but kept shush as he respects his relationships so much more.

What’s more to come Washma and Shaheer’s way? Will the duo split? How will Nishat strike back? Is Areesha going to finally reveal the truth about Nishat to her brother? curiosity does kill the cat and we’re very interested to find out the answers.

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