Faisal Qureshi and Areej Fatima have truly outdone themselves in the drama serial Aap Ke Liye, the on screen couple did justice to their characters and no doubt this show was loved by all. The way Shaheer confessed his love for Washma to her brother was honestly very moving. ARY Digital manages to bring major quality dramas to their audience and Aap Ke Liye is just another proof of that.

Aap Ke Liye establishes the fact that no matter how imperfect you are, if your other half feels complete with you, then you’re absolute couple goals! No matter how hard Samina Peerzada) Nishat attempted to split this duo, she failed miserably. Though ultimately a lesson was learned and Nishat did come to her senses.

If Shaheer isn’t an epitome of great brother then we don’t know what or who is.. he gave up on Washma solely to keep his sister happy and make sure that she has her sanity intact, but you know the saying ‘what goes around comes around?’ Well that’s precisely what happened to Nishat as her “beloved husband” leaves her stranded. Karma can’t be in your favor all the time can it? We won’t be lying if we said that this drama serial will be terribly missed.

Furthermore,  a girl like Washma who is bold strong and just out there did a huge favor to Nishat by letting her know about her ‘character less husband,’ she really was a bigger person who stood up and apart from whatever Nishat and Imdaad did to her – the reaction was just unexpected. Though we did fall in love with the plot, the last scene of Aap Ke Liye moved us all deeply, you’ll agree with us won’t you?

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If you have already watched Aap Ke Liye, then its about time you re watch it and if you haven’t, then you can’t miss out on this romantic tale of Washma and Shaheer.

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