Brides are generally the newest member of the family and she acts innocent and a helpless victim until and unless her true colors are relieved. ‘Daraar’ is a story about a newly wedded bride who after going to her new house, she is constantly planning to break her in-laws in every way possible. She entangles her husband in her web of lies and he blindly believes her which made him do many things that he was not supposed to do.

He got Ainnie married to Aalia’s brother Atif who is a useless guy and Sohaib was very well aware of it but still he came in his wife’s talks and made them get married. Atif while he was from before married to Sana and Aalia knew about it but still she let the marriage happen. Sohaib told Tabish also to leave the house with his wife Yusra and he asked his aunt to leave the house as well. All this was done by Aalia so that she could gain total and unchallenged control of the entire household. Ainnie left Atif and went to Tabish and told him everything and when Tabish made Sohaib realize his doings he was very heart broken.

After realizing his mistakes he told Aalia to leave the house and this shattered Aalia because she has nothing left now. She went back to her house and there also Atif is against her and this made him raise his hand on her, Aalia is against Sana and Atif couldn’t bear this. Aalia did everything for her family and no one is in her support now.

Let’s see what happen next with Aalia, watch ‘Daraar’ every Wednesday at 9:00 pm only on ARY Digital, and if you have missed any of the episodes watch them here.

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