The world of today is hectic and surreal with immense amount of work and pile of tomorrows with loads of work. So do you plan a proper morning? Maybe this question arise every morning when you make plans for your exercise routine or maybe a peaceful meditation or some yoga, but unfortunately none of that happen when you are super late from work and gotta catch the right time before your boss marks you Late! so having this weird tag on you for being late from work, we all tend to distract from the basic routine that supposed to happen.

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We have some mantras to follow that may boost you to the level and maybe help you to organize your morning routines to lead a better and healthy life. Try to reorganize and rethink the survival mode of your life by rethinking on the stuff that happened previous day and stuff you will do presently, this will arrange your methodology of living life in such a manner that your time is not being wasted. You are the master of your own ship so better row your boat upto the mark.

Healthy sleep: It is utterly important to take 7+ hours sleep to start off with the fresh day , because if you have sleepless nights due to workload and you are preparing for another loaded day so it will harm your central nervous system resulting your whole day in drowsiness.

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Physical activity: Once you are up , try to stretch your body and do some exercises , be it a jog at your treadmill or brisk walking in your garden or you are fond of doing your own workouts at home , just keep yourself busy in morning workouts to lessen the depression and anxiety stimulate your whole body in a shape and will circulate the blood at its right pressure.

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Prayer or Meditation: Self motivated and meditation oriented being tend to be more focused than any other individual who practice less focus sessions with themselves. So what requires a healthy start when you have clear visions and clear thoughts of your goals , be more grateful and display clarity towards your visions. Being obliged is contagious and has the tendency to spread within one’s existence, so attract the world with the best of you.

Cold showers: The study reveals that taking cold showers can boost your metabolism and helps in weight lose. It enhances one’s creativity unit and an individual can bring about a change in its goals and routine, I know its difficult when you tell yourself to be fine to jump in cold shower but instantly you switch the shower handle to hot water , but trust me when you let that cold water pour on your back and spine it just relieves the fear and after 15 to 20 sec you’re fine! So try diving in a pool to make it a practice but after some seconds the water temperature starts matching your body temperature. It does boost the energy level and makes one learn to get out of your comfort zone.


Protein intake: According to the research at least 25-30 grams of proteins should be consumed in the mornings, as your stomach was empty for hours and it requires rich fluid to keep it running for another healthy day. An egg every morning or a glass of milk, or cottage cheese can enhance your mornings with healthy requirement.

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Read Content: So to keep your nervous system boost it may require to keep yourself updated by reading a newspaper or any social media content for some good 15 to 20 minutes to be much informative and constructive throughout your day.


Review your visions: Jot down your goals in a diary and review them all by arranging your lifestyle in such a manner that will help to organize your priorities. Achieving 1 goal out of 10 is worth celebrating and mend your ways by appreciating your inner voice and can make you lead a healthy life ahead. Wasting your skills by living with drowsy and lousy attitude towards life can actually impact with immense gruesome circumstances.


Set goals: But before your review your goals , it is important to set your visions and goals first whether you need to implement xyz tip in your life, be it a better job or a better relationship , the more you welcome clarity in your life the more happier your situations be. All you despise will actually meet the demise and will help you to set yourself a better lesson.


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