So here we are in the era of modern world where every other person dying to brag about their marriage by hiring al these wedding planners and ofcourse, the photographer that will stir in some magic to make bride’s friends and relatives and everyone beautiful.

So we all know that this shadi season has always a catch for the photographers to come up with the creativity, but what they show are the cliché pictures that every bride is meant to pose once in their lifetime.

“Lights, camera andddd look away “,  Seriously? , but the innocent couple is bound to give their best when the photographer actually ask them to look away like your really ogling something. 🙂


And than poor couple looks straight in the lens with some smile to make it work, *Sighhss* , When the photographer really takes the lead and requests for some mandatory shots. While the couple confronts the awkward moments with the photographer, people actually crash the wedding agenda where they are busy stomping the dance floor.



And with the 90 degree angle the couple has to look straight in each other’s eye, posing like a spoil bride and innocent dulha is a very hip combo now a days, So what exactly the motive of these shot is to display the attire and accessories, but looks way too cute .


the torture continues when the couple has to stand close to make it look like a half hug theme when there are plenty of people around to watch your little romantic flick and also to comment about 😀 however the teacher is right infront of you to ask you for more same old clicks to make your wedding album memorable .


“And there you go, plan your future “, looks like you already have. *Ah* , so another cliche pose is to stand straight to look away where your eyes stare at the sky. I hope the stereotype pictures will be replaced with some cool and fun poses.


“make me look like an actress”,  when we find the posters of actresses with the same pose attached for the advertisement of beauty parlors in our vicinity and then the photographer requires the same action , i know the bride must not say “ye kesa pose hai” . But brides you gotta pose for this one.


Oh boy! looks like the photo shoot is all about scrolling your eyeballs from one extreme angle to another extreme one. players has to play with the eye contacts to make the picture worth remembering and trust me the couple won’t ever forget the moment of awkwardness.. **giggles**


“hey is that a real diamond”?  So what exactly they be thinking when the couple is being told to look at the same object , both of them. this shot is the most common one when all the photographers lean more towards the sightings of the object.


To add a little bit of an ingredient of fun, check out the vine based on such photographers who tries to dig out all the creativity in this world 🙂 Cheers !

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