Sit back and relax for a treat day as we have some amazing girl power movies to watch on this special day. These movies actually come up with such a good stuff that displays the woman empowerment and you may thank God for your existence in this world.

Here are the chick flicks you can re-watch.

The Help 2011: The bondage breaking of racism and redeeming civil rights , this movie has taken its place for the generations to see and learn. The culture of racial divide and class difference is all displayed in the movie. The movie presents Emma Stone who writes a journal about the life of an African American women who were suppressed by white people. A great storyline and a good pick to watch.


Legally Blonde 2001: When people let you down and an extreme heart wrenching break up can tear you apart, yo may see the rising fragment of light to explore your skills within you. Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods did a great job in the movie and explains the world the notion of beauty with brains, as she plays a quite fashionable and girly girl but is determined to achieve her goals after the brutal breakup.


Erin Brockovich 2000: The movie is based on the true event when a single mom has to raise her child but is unemployed and is also diagnosed with cancer. Julia Roberts is starring in the movie playing an extravagance role of how bravely she fights with the circumstances.


The Holiday 2006: Two women after their ravage break ups switch houses through internet for the holidays and across the states these women became influential and were successful in moving towards life. movie trailer maker Cameron Diaz and English journalist Kate Winslet added authenticity to the movie.


Sisterhood of the travelling pants 2005:The tale of 4 friends spends vocations away from their home for the first time, they found these magical pair of pants that fit their sizes and share these pants in their summer time. Its a blend of different emotions that involves love, tragedy , bitter experiences, tragedies but those pants are the reminder of their bond and friendship with each other.


The Other Woman 2014: So this movie actually projects a bond between the women who shares a same man, as nobody can befriended with the woman you know your man is interested in. It’s a unique story and can trigger your level of friendship and personal empowerment. Cameron Diaz , Leslie Mann and Kate upto happens to share the same man.


Under the Tuscan Sun 2003: This beautiful flick of a single parent woman of all the tragedies she confronts and challenges she dares to face while in her middle age, And at one course of life she met a man who was destined to be with her as she creatively made a family out of a stranger. Diane Lane has performed a tremendous role in the movie.


Sex and the city 2008: 4 girls with inspirational lives as everyone differs from each other, they stole some time for themselves by exploring the other side of the world and learning how to keep their calm in trouble, also the navigation of true love and struggle in their career has made this movie woman oriented and gives us the vibes of motivation, this movie is worth a watch. Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Catrall, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon played their roles spiritedly.



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