7 abs excercie

7 abs excercie

Many of us are doing many exercises to bring our abs in shape and nobody loves to do these challenging abs exercises but we are doing it anyway. Here are some easy exercises that surely can improve your posture, balance and might bring out the results you are desperately working to see.

1. Bird Dog

It is the best exercise that works the entire torso, like the name you have to sit in dog like position and do bird like moves that will help you improve your posture and help you to perform more complex, demanding exercises. Now we will tell you how! Bend still on your knees, resting your feet on the floor while keeping your hand right below you shoulders. After maintaining a balanced position start the stretching exercise,  now you have to lift the right arm and left leg simultaneously just like a bird. Stretch your right hand and left leg and hold for a moment, now gently lower down to your starting position. You just have to do this exercise ten times and that will help you a lot.

Bird Dog

2. Stability Ball Tuck

For this exercise you need a help of a stability ball. You have to bring your hands below your shoulders touching the floor with your ankles resting on the ball. Now you have to pull your knees toward your chest with the ball and roll the ball back to starting position. Repeat this exercise for ten times.  This will stretch your muscles and will bring your abs in a proper shape.

Stability Ball Tuck

3. Single-Leg Bridge

This exercise needs real stamina and stability since you will lift one leg up. Lying on your back with your arms by your sides, keeping your right heel on the floor and extend the left leg straight towards the ceiling. You have to lift your hips until your spine is straight by pressing your right heel. Try this exercise on each leg for 12 times and you will feel the abs were exercise.

Single-Leg Bridge

4. Stir the Pot

This exercise is more like the way we do stirring while cooking. In this exercise you have to sit on your knees with your feet on the floor and leave your arms resting on the stability ball. Now you have to make a circle by rolling the ball to the right and away from you. You have to complete 5 circles on each side like you are stirring the pot of the stew.

Stir the Pot

5. Spider-man Plank

Recruit additional core stabilizers with this plank variation. While keeping your hips level, bring the right knee as close to the right elbow as possible, it is better if your knee touches your elbow. Try this exercise on both the legs and if you want to try something more challenging bring the knee to the opposite elbow.

Spiderman Plank

6. Lower-Abs Leg Lift

This exercise will tighten your thighs. You have to lift your legs in the air by keeping your back flat on the floor. Support you head with the hands to lift your neck then slowly lower your legs down but don’t touch the floor keep them 6-10 inches above the floor.  Repeat this move for ten times. If your lower back starts to arch up off the floor when you are bringing your legs down then you will know you have lowered those legs too far. So you have to avoid this for good results.

Lower-Abs Leg Lift

7. Inch Worm

The Inch Worm taxes your core to keep you balanced but also calls on arm and shoulder muscles to get involved in this on-the-go exercise. You have to bend at your hips so that your feet and hands are touching the floor then walk your hands forward until you reach a plank position. Now you have to walk your legs towards your hand making the starting position. Try this move for ten times and results are assured.

Inch Worm

Hope that these 7 abs exercise would be a great help and surely can improve your posture, balance and might bring out the results you are desperately wanting to see.

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