Well we cannot run and hide with fact that some of the partners are too careless to think of sensible or trendy gifts a female could expect.  I know your feelings Ladies but atleast he remembers to shower you with a gift although much boring . So lets begin with the list..

An Artificial Rose ..Urrgghh! that’s so agonizing.

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A formal Dinner with his parents but you have to put a fake smile to endure it… Not so cool!!!


An ugly unbranded pair of T-shirt & Pants that makes you think twice if the same is wearable or not.

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Well he may buy you with the coupons to a pizza place when you thought of attending a romantic candle light dinner.. But wait WHAT!!

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And lastly the super annoying situation is when he buys “No gift at all” , that can take you to a shock villa and might ruin your mood to the extreme.

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