There are fashion opps and fashion Ohhs aswell but not all the fashion trends are ought to be liked.

Well this looks like the whole bedroom turn into an attire with frizzled hair is way quirky.


“When mom said boriya bistara baandh k likal jaa ghar se” #shedidit #wierdfashion #cantstoplaughing

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This multicolored hat dress is a catch to the eyes on ramp shows.


Fan dress

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Whoaa!! looks like swimming tubes can be some major art of work and ofcourse the unmatched prints too.

Looks like this bride has the longest segmented veil with whole net dress. Definitely the weirdest.

And Lastly , this chicken on the head is literally describing “Chitta kookar Baneray Te”


#eveningtoremember #magnumparty16 #surrealism .

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