Although, it is mid-summers and people are anxiously waiting to welcome winters, but summer is being extra generous not wanting to go away.Thinking about summers, things that pop into our minds are sweat, tan, dehydration and slouchy clothes.Unfortunately we have nothing in our hands except tolerating this hot weather, but there are 5 ways that can help us beat the heat:


Water is Almighty’s biggest blessing for His people. A person can survive without food, but not spend a day without drinking water. Drinking water in summers has its own role to play. People during summers sweat a lot which causes dehydration. Drink at least 6 to 7 glasses of water in the whole day, it not only hydrates you but it also helps soften your skin and makes it glow.


Use a sun block before leaving your house. It’s better to apply a moisturizer than getting your skin burn. Apply it on your face, feet, hands and arms to protect yourself for the harmful sun rays.


To look enchanting in every season and weather is everybody’s desire. Every season different trends take over our society, especially in summer new trends and different lawns hit the market, people go gaga over clothes, buying and wearing lighter shades. As dark shades are heat absorbent they cannot prevent from skin burning instead will only attract the sun more. Say no to dark color and yes to lighter ones!


Make up is a girl’s a best friend, she can leave everything except her makeup. Let’s keep a light hand on make-up in summers. Everything gets sticky and sweaty. Your skin becomes oily, if you will apply more make-up, it will eventually bleed away. Use less make-up and let your skin breath in this season, our face needs oxygen like we need to live.


If you do not own a car, or love to walk on foot make sunglasses and umbrella your companion. Wearing sun glasses help to see properly in bright sunny day and reflects back the sun rays. Whereas, holding an umbrella looks strange, but believe me it absorbs the heat in the most perfect way.

Comment down and let us what do you do to beat the heat?

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