Allah (SWT) has promised a place in paradise (Jannah) to all those who has 3 daughters or sisters, or 2 daughters or sisters and he brings them up properly fearing Allah (SWT) regarding their rights.

Not only in Islam, do daughters have great importance but in every religion and society. However, still there are people who have those outdated thoughts about daughters being a burden. To clear this misapprehension further, following are the five reasons why daughters are a true blessing.


Daughters are always their parent’s best friends. They are more empathetic and sensitive to their surroundings. They always try to avoid any fight or argument with their parents. Daughters are usually close to their mothers always speaking on their behalf. Daughters can understand all the unsaid words of their parents.


Daughters are a team. You will never find a home, with daughters and no unity. They take all the decisions together and can stand like a mountain if their family are facing any difficulty. You can count on your daughters in any situation, they will never let you down.


Why cry after sons when girls are more loyal and obedient to their family? Boys have a careless attitude and love to enjoy their independence as they grow up. Daughters stay loyal with their home and serve their family as long they live.


God has made a female’s heart soft and kind. Naturally, a daughter has a more caring heart and soul than a son. Daughters can understand the unexpressed problem or pain of their parents. They stand by them through thick and thin. They even kill their desire just to make their parents happy and content. They have a caring nature that does not allow them to fight or argue with their parents.


People have this negative thought that daughters cannot survive in this world. That they are delicate and kind, they can be easily fooled by someone. On the contrary, girls are able to work shoulder to shoulder with men. They support their family financially as well as run the household.

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