A girl becomes much stronger when she traveled the journey of being a daughter to a mom, so many situations and circumstances makes this fragile woman compiled in the face of true relations and the most beautiful feeling of being called a ‘Mother’.

We have hunt down number of single moms who are truly inspirational and preaches the real meaning of strength and empowered being , no matter if times are tough we can get admiration from these ladies who are busy with their work routine and taking care as a full time mom aswell.

Reham Khan: The beautiful and enthusiastic Journalist got married at the age of 19, throwing us with the vibes of true inspiration and instantly a thought occurs when its never too late . Mother of 3 adorable children we truley admire her.


Muniba Mizari: It was all over when she met with a car accident at the age of 21, however time flew and this young girl managed to keep her calm , Muniba is an activist and a motivational speaker. Nothing could stop even after her physical lack but she devoted herself for being a foster parent of son Nael and throwing a growing hope for all the ladies out there with massive troubled life.

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Cybil Chowdhry: Super model Cybil bestowed with 2 sons and is happily living her life , however it would be difficult to cope being a single parent of 2 sons. Cybil has done numerous work for TV shows and is a full time model.Thus she has proved that women can surely be a multitasked creatures.


Mahira Khan: Being a single mom and made her journey of success too far that she stands on a pedestal but still manages her responsibility as a mother of a child. Mahira has embedded her name even outside the country and stands successful as ever.


Javeria Abbasi: The actress and anchor Javeria confronted tough times but still did not despair and moved with chin up and head held high. Being a single mom did not torment her powers to foster her young and beautiful daughter Anzela Abbasi who is performing couple of dramas and busy in making big projects.


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