chup raho

chup raho

‘Chup Raho’ is the most watched drama of 2015 and it ruled the sky. The audiences got over ‘Pyarey Afzal’ when ARY Digital launched ‘Chup Raho’ and it managed to grab the spotlight. Yasir Nawaz directed this drama and from its promos and the first episode the viewers were definitely drawn towards it.

1. Not to trust anyone

In this evil world one must not trust anyone neither her mother, sister nor her own husband. Rameen was a victim of this and it was all because of her trust towards her brother-in-law that was broken when he sexually harassed her.

2. Women are not weak

Rameen was keeping this secret for a long time when she busted it out and no one believed her. She was strong enough t stand by it and never kept quiet about it. A woman must always stand for her rights.

Chup Raho

3. God will do justice to us

In this world we can’t trust anyone but we must know that God will always be at our side he might be silent but he has plans for all his creations. He was with Rameen all the time and this gave her power to leave the house and stand by her rights.

4. Have trust in God

Karma comes back to everyone, Numair ruined Rameen’s life and God ruined his life. His daughter Naila was diagnosed with cancer and she was incurable. She passed away and Numair lost his mind and he was sent to the mental hospital for his treatment.

5. To forgive others

Every cruel thing happened with Rameen and poor innocent soul never did wrong for anyone and was always hoping for the best. She forgave everyone and lead a happy life with Shiraz.

The fans have been constantly tweeting about ‘Chup Raho’ and this has been the most watched drama of 2015:

Many other fans also kept tweeting about it and Feroz Khan was loved a lot, he played Rameen’s husband’s role and he killed himself because he couldn’t help the one he loved.

chup raho

‘Chup Raho’ got over and his last episode was a hit you can watch all the episodes here.

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