disney princess

disney princess

Since the time a child starts to develop his cognition, the morale and ethical values of the society start to get instilled in him. One prime component to do so is through our Disney movies. An individual intentionally or unintentionally is infused with the social and moral obligations of the society influencing his pattern of thinking.

The first thing, that Disney movie taught us is that a woman always needs a man. Despite of how courageous she might be by the end of the day a“Prince” is her only savior that can resolve all her miseries. So here it is “A kiss in time saves nine”.


Secondly, the key to a good future is good looks irrespective of how low you might be intellectually. If you are good looking then somewhere or the other a Prince will be willing to marry you. Moreover apart from good looks you should also surpass the marriage material category. So never you shall see an ugly princess.

disney princesses

Thirdly, step mothers or sisters are usually evil. Not one Disney story so far has been successful in portraying a positive image of a step relation. Not only they are evil but are portrayed as those selfless individuals who can go to any extent just for the sake of their self-interest.

step sisters

Fourth, men always need to be macho and steadfast having no room for emotions in them. A man until he has valor, courage and strength cannot surpass the criterion of manliness. If he somehow has his emotions overpowering his personality then he cannot comply with the demands of the society.

disney prince

Lastly, the only thing a man needs to be successful in life is money and a beautiful girl rest everything is vague and superficial.

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