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ARY Digital launched the biggest and most hyped serial of the season! ‘Dillagi’ is a breath of fresh air for all its viewers, a refreshing change!

Produced by Six Sigma, written by Fizza Iftikhar and directed by none other than the phenomenal Nadeem Baig, Dillagi features an impressive star-studded cast that includes Humayun Saeed, Mehwish Hayat and Saba Hameed.

Anything Nadeem Baig touches turns to gold, Fizza Iftikhar is well known for her magical story telling skills, the Humayun Saeed and Mehwish Hayat pairing is fresh from their blockbuster movie Jawani Phir Nahi Aani  and Saba Hameed is perfect for playing  the thakurain with a twist. With a team this great, the serial is meant to reach the heights of success.

Only one episode down and it’s already teaching woman some inspiring lessons. Dillagi breaks all stereotypes and brings around the idea of empowering women. “My heroine will not allow anyone to slap her, my leading lady will do the slapping; in fact, she will slap the hero!” said Fizza before stepping into the project. The director agreed and here we have Dillagi airing on ARY Digital every Saturday at 8pm!

Below are 4 lessons that every Pakistani woman should take from the 1st episode of Dillagi:

Be the heroine of your life, not the victim
Stop waiting for a hero to come rescue you, stop being the damsel in distress. Do your own saving and be the heroine of your own life! Who says you cannot beat up the bad guys all on your own? Anmol runs after a mugger, beats him up and teaches him a lesson! Times are changing and girls are much more than tear machines.

Say no to child marriage

Saba Hameed, the powerful thakurain of her town makes it very clear that in no way does marriage come before education! There is an age to get married and an age for school, so stop jeopardizing your daughters life and future!

A man has no right to raise his hand on you, no matter what!
saba hameed
Women get abused because they allow themselves to be abused. A man has no right to raise his hand on you, if he wants respect than he should learn to give respect. In the competitive world of today women are equals and should not be treated as the weaker sex.  When told by one of the ladies in the crowd that women get hit because they overuse their tongue, Saba replies that every woman is famous for that, would a man hit his mother for the same reason?

Say no to injustice

 “Zulm sehna buzdili hai” and  in no circumstance should a woman think of herself as bechari. “Teen bechari akeli auratain’  is what people would call a widow mother raising two single daughters all on her own. But Anmol rejects the entire mentality. When sent a legal notice to leave the house that her late father had provided for them, the mother gives in but the daughter says she’d fight! “Zulm senhne wala buzdil hota hai”! Always fight for your rights and say no to injustice.

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