Step mothers usually are known for their cruel behavior and we see Meekal going through this pain with his step-mother in ARY Digital’s drama ‘Soteli’. After the death of Meekal’s mother we see Waleed gets married to Fariya who becomes the step-mother. Since the very first day she has been worrying Meekal and has tortured him mentally, with all the trouble and hassle Waleed came to know about all this and Fariya stopped been cruel.

Fariya gives birth to a baby girl named Mishal and at the same time Meekal goes to boarding school. The drama shows us 15 years later when the kids have all grown up and have their own set of problems now. Mishal is in love with Ali who is Waleed’s friend’s son while Fariya is against this relationship. When Ali’s parents come over to take Mishal’ hand in marriage for Ali, Fariya refused saying that first Meekal will get married and then they will think about Mishal.


Mishal was talking about all this to Meekal and he decides to get married. He talks to Emaan about it and he tells Fariya that he would like to marry Emaan. With Fariya’s not so pleasant nature she does not like Emaan either, on giving Waleed the news he is happy about it but Fariya is not agreeing to it. Meekal talks to Ali telling him to take care of Mishal and he agrees to it.

Fariya is again plotting against Meekal and is filling Mishal’s brain against him but she is not listening to her. Fariya is not faithful to her own daughter and this proves that step mothers are not true their own blood either. If you missed any of the episodes watch them here.

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