It is widely said that to be more productive spend time with kids because they have the unending flow of energy which make them never stopping for anything but the matter is how to mold and convert this force into a more productive and result oriented goals. It is a challenging task for the guardians and parents.
Now here are a few tips to spark the creativity in the kids.
  1. Make the children take the responsibility.Give them small tasks according to their age like collect clothes from the rope, help in bed making.
  2. Allow them to explore nature by themselves like take them to the nurseries and make them watch the gardener planting making the soil, help them feeding the birds.
  3. Encourage them to be physically active. Make them learn the exercise from  the beginning and practice in front of them daily.
  1. Read for them autobiographies and life stories of creative people.
  2. Give them exposure of different situations like climbing a tree.
  3. Make them meet people of different professions and take them to their  working  places.
  4. Allow them the chance to experiment randomly, provide them with the raw material.
  5. Nurture the habit to face the failures because its the one who will survive the drought.
  6. Raise the habit of saying sorry as it make them more conscious.
  7. Self accountability is the key to success as it will make them a  better person.
Eat healthy, stay healthy 🙂

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